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    Oakland criminal lawyer - Best Lawyer Gets Best ResultsCalifornia Law Firm is here to help you in the event that you are charged with a crime in the Oakland, CA area. The expert, accomplished Oakland criminal lawyer making up our firm are able to support you, no matter the day or time. Criminal law breaches in California can cause severe repercussions for your future. You can be sure that the criminal attorneys comprising California Law Firm will work as hard as possible to get you the best outcome in your criminal case.

    An even greater incentive to use our law firm is the fact that we do not require immediate payment. Our Oakland criminal law firm offers a free initial meeting with an attorney, with the flexibility to fit into your schedule, face to face, on the phone or online. You will likely be pleased to discover that our rates are quite competitive, particularly when compared with other attorneys specializing in criminal defense in the Oakland area.

    Once you have been notified that you have breached California’s criminal law, contact California Law Firm right away. This will allow us to get started on defending you immediately, helping you to avoid penalties such as large fines or jail time. We can promise a swift, effective resolution of your criminal matter if you contact our expert criminal defense attorneys from Oakland as soon as possible. Our affordable prices will not break the bank, as other clients have told us our rates are very competitive with other lawyers in the area. We also offer financing through payment plans and installments if this is your preference.

    How California Law Firm Can Help You

    Our Oakland criminal defense lawyers realize you have many options to select from in determining who you wish to defend you against crimes with which you have been charged. Reasons that you should opt for our law firm are many, and are topped by the fact that we are simply the best criminal defense lawyers in the state. Other reasons that you should pick California Law Firm are:

    • Better Business Bureau gave our firm an A+, its highest rating.
    • Countless affirmations from prior clients that we are the best lawyers around.
    • We can talk to or meet with you at any hour of the night or day, any day during the week or weekend.
    • Our reasonable prices and handy financing plans.
    • A multitude of office locations scattered across the state.
    • A free first meeting with our criminal lawyers to discuss the aspects and particulars of your case.

    We Can Defend You Against the Following Crimes (and More)

    What You Can Expect From Your Initial Consultation

    We understand the anxiety and nervousness you may feel when faced with the challenges of California’s legal and criminal justice system. Our skilled, adept Oakland criminal lawyer are ready and willing to provide you with assistance in defending you against any criminal charges. The first thing that you can do to help yourself is to be well-prepared for your initial consultation. This can occur by:

    Compile Your Chronicles

    Collate all of your documentation, accounts, and any types of records that have accumulated and that have to do with the criminal charges you face. We really want to see anything that you have received from the state court system or law enforcement. Once gathered, transport these documents to your initial consultation with one of our Oakland criminal lawyers. We will go over everything during our first meeting with you and we will determine what is meaningful to your case and for your defense.

    Tell Us Everything That Has Occurred

    Prior to your initial consultation with a member of California Law Firm, sit down and write, or type, everything that has occurred regarding your crime. Leave nothing out – from the time you were charged up to now. We need to be told every name, date and place that is important to your criminal charge. Include anything that law enforcement or the criminal justice system might have communicated to or told you. Give us as much information as you can, so that we will be better able to help you in your criminal defense.

    Provide Us With Names

    Oakland criminal lawyer - Best Lawyer Gets Best Results Name anyone who you feel could help you in your criminal defense. This could include someone who was a witness to the alleged crime, any person who can provide you with an alibi for the time and day of the alleged crime, or any person who can definitely say that the criminal charges being brought against you are false. Offer us the contact details (and names) of anyone you think can help your case. This information should be given to your Oakland criminal lawyer at your initial consultation.

    You Should Have Questions for Us

    Oakland criminal lawyer - Best Lawyer Gets Best ResultsThis initial consultation with an Oakland criminal attorney should not be one-sided, with us asking you all of the questions. You should also have questions for us. Some of the things that you might be wondering include:

    • Is there a chance my criminal charges could be dismissed?
    • If the court finds me guilty, what can I expect? What are possible penalties for my crime?
    • Could I possibly receive probation if found guilty of this crime?
    • Should I expect my case to be decided by a jury or a judge?
    • How long would a conviction remain on my permanent record?
    • Could you possibly settle my case out of court?

    You might also have questions about your Oakland criminal lawyer, like:

    • Are you familiar with my charge, and have you defended others accused of this crime?
    • Is it true that I can reach you at any day or time?
    • What university did you graduate from?
    • How long have you worked in criminal defense?
    • Have you always practiced in the state of California?
    • Are there other facets of law in which you have specialized?

    Once we have concluded our free, initial consultation with you, we are certain that you will want to select our Oakland criminal defense team to help you in your criminal matter. When you depart from our meeting, you will be confident in the fact that you can count on a member of California Law Firm to remain available to you at any time during your case. We will do our utmost to reach the best possible conclusion in your criminal defense matter.

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