What to Do After DUI Arrest in California?

What to Do After DUI Arrest in California?

What to Do After DUI Arrest in California?

When you’re suspected of a DUI, there are a few things that you must defend yourself against. Your license will be suspended and you’ll have criminal charges to fight off in the process too. Though there are different levels of severity, you will need to defend yourself in all circumstances, understanding your rights and when to seek legal counsel.

After the Arrest

When you’re suspected of a DUI, you’ll be taken to jail. When the cops pull you over, you should contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible, getting and keeping your rights secure. You won’t be held long and typically will not need to post bail, leaving with only the charges against you to combat.

Your Driver’s License

When arrested for a DUI, your license is in danger of suspension. When the DMV decides to suspend, you have up to 30 days to challenge the results. While you can legally drive while awaiting trial, the chances of you walking away successfully are very low.

The state of California takes DUI charges very seriously and will need to hear an extraordinary case to grant you the right to drive again so soon. In this case, you should seek legal counsel, as they can help you create a case for the return of your license.

When All Else Fails, Restricted License is There

There is an option to get what’s called a restricted license if you are not successful in your battel for your license. Some of the things you may have to consider are an ignition interlock device (IID) or an alcohol program.
While both of these are more typical for those with more than one DUI, you still have the possibility of a judge ordering one to get you back out on the road. In addition, you may have to register in alcoholics anonymous, defensive driving, or other courses catered to safe driving.

First-Time Offenders

Just like any other crime, the first offense is very minor. Apart from suspending your driver’s license, you may be hit with a fine of $390 and another $2000 for penalty assessments. A DUI charge typically comes with probation and registration into an alcohol program, all of which you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Multiple Offenders

The more DUI charges you have against you, the more serious the penalty you’ll face. You could face jail time, suspension of license for a longer period of time, and even larger fines. You can expect everything from the first offense, just larger fines and more time on probation after you finish your jail sentence.

What You Can Do

A DUI charge is a serious one that you should leave an attorney to handle. Acting in your defense, they will fight for your driver’s license and attempt to lessen your time on probation or enrolled in an alcohol program. More importantly, they can handle all of the legal stuff so you can continue to work like normal and put all the pieces of your life back together.